Art Imitates Life

Film is a medium that the world has fallen in love with.  I, myself, am fascinated by photographs and motion pictures.  It’s like one is able to take a giant scissor and cut out a scene of life, and hold it forever.  It will never change.  50 years from now that photograph or movie will still capture that one snip of time, as if cryogenically frozen until the next time you want to experience that moment.  In the digital age in which we exist, the same can be said 100, 500, even 1000 years down the line (assuming humans survive..doubtful).

Movies, as my generation calls them here in the states, are a cultural mainstay in America.  There are films that nearly everyone recognizes, and lines that nearly everyone quotes.  Film has been so intricately woven into the fabric of society, that most don’t even question it’s existence.

I mean, have you ever given any serious THOUGHT as to why movies are so highly advertised and marketed?  Have you ever wondered why we have magazine on top of magazine that are all ABOUT movies and movie stars?  At a casual glance, it just seems like a popular art form.  Movies are entertainment and people like to be entertained.  Of course this is true.  This is part of the genius of film.  Movies are great entertainment, because they get the viewer emotionally involved VERY easily.  They are a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment and the vast majority of Americans own the necessary hardware to watch movies in the comfort of their living room.

Let’s get back to the emotional involvement part for a second.  Think of the last time you watched a movie and cried, laughed, got angry, felt confused, etc.?  If you watched a movie today, you probably thought about that movie because nearly every movie you watch elicits an emotional response.

What’s my point?  Often times there is a lot more to the movie, and the movies in general, than just the obvious story on the screen.  Film is a great way to tell a story, but it is also a medium that allows metaphoric illustrations of subtlety to be woven in without overt conscious awareness.  I’m sure many of you have heard about early television commercials using subliminal messaging.  That was, and STILL IS, very, very real.  Of course, as with anything, this can be used for both good and evil.

So.  Again.  What’s my point?  The title of today’s writing is Art Imitates Life.  It should be rather obvious that the art medium of interest is film.   Art Imitates Life, as Life Imitates Art.  There is no right or wrong answer.  It is a dichotomy.  Both are true.

Today the everyday warrior shares with you two example of Art Imitating Life.

1.) “They Live”  1988, John Carpenter – This film is a metaphor to the nature of our capitalist programming.  It is more true than most will realize.  Watch this movie with an open mind.

2.) “The Matrix” 1999, The Wachowski Brother – This film is also a metaphor about the nature of the reality that is pumped into our minds through the T.V. and media.  The everyday warrior has “taken the red pill”, if you will.

The makers of these movies are geniuses at capturing the nature of our programmed reality that most people do not see.  The characters recognition of these false realities is realistic, perfect, and genuine to the true awakening you will experience when you start to realize, acknowledge, and accept that the mainstream world is nothing more than a psychological matrix to occupy your mind (many simply can not get to this point, they won’t allow it).

Some of you reading this have just decided that I am nuts, wacko, off my rocker, a conspiracy theorist and a kook.  This is of no concern of mine.  The psychological prison you exist in can only be destroyed by you.

Watch these films, and remember…..A mind must be open to expand.

Everyday Warrior, signing off.




Who is the everday warrior?

There is a constant battle going on everyday of your life.  Everyone is fighting for something.  The everyday warrior is defined by the name itself.  The everyday warrior goes to battle each and every day, trying to navigate this reality, and make sense of a senseless world.  This blog is the silent consciousness of the everyday warrior.  Observation, inspiration, humor and critical thought about the world is what you will find here.  The everyday warrior’s main pursuit is genuine truth.